Mohammad Nazmul Huq

This website marks an important step forward towards providing information of our multi-service company. The online site will deliver essential information about our services, contact information and up and coming news.

In any market, staying competitive means keeping up with the times and changes in the market. In Bangladesh, Vicar Group has grown from a small company to a versatile on supplying high quality products including all kind of Electric Transformers and SPC Pole.

To be successful in any business, an organization has to give potential clients and a clear reason why they need its services.

We have continuously aimed for a truly professional organization where industry best practices are followed and where quality is not just a compliance issue but one of our foremost goals. One of the key elements to our success has been the team work at all levels. I express my appreciation for the dedication and hard work of all employees and acknowledge that it is through their tireless endeavors in meeting market requirements and satisfying clients’ needs that Vicar Group is now a major player in Bangladesh Power Industry.

In the coming years, we have a vision for concerted growth and with the great loyalty of our esteemed clients and enthusiasm of our work force. We look forward to providing better, novel, price-effective and high quality products and services.

I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of our entrepreneurship is yet to come.